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Part P Regulations



Part P And How It Effects You


Part P was introduced in January 2005, it is a part of the building regulations series.

Part P covers electrical installations and the requirements as set out within part P. It is enforceable in the same way as any of the other building regulations and the body who police it, at local level is your building control office. Building regulation Part’s range from Part A (structure) to Part P (electrical).


So what stops you just wiring your own electric’s?


Nothing does until you come to sell your property. You should phone your building control office before you start your work and inform them of your intent and request building control to visit. This will be charged by your local authority at around £350 and they will send out an electrician who is registered with one of the Part P self certification schemes. They will inspect your work and either pass it and issue a certificate or fail it and then charge you to come back out to re-test once the failed issue have been addressed and rectified....